UWORI au!!!!!

(still dont know tf i did here UwU:333)

SOOOOOoooo, what's this crap??? well... it's, it's, it'ssssssssssssss
an "au" or alternate universe for the game OMORI. What makes this an au you might ask
welllll the diference in here is that as the name of this au states it's the same but
all the faces and expressions of the characters are changed with an uwu face and any variations.

Needless to say this is plain and utter shitpost and i did this only because i was bored sooooo yeh.

The face of everything that has a face is changed for as i previuously said an uwu variation
this includes enemies, bosses, characters, etc.
More examples commmmmiing up :333

U_U Sprout mole



p mari

yehhhhh u_u i'll prob leave this like this because it's just not worth going deeper in it imo. soooo idk~('-')~ :33 (also sry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first lenguage so yeh)