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this blog is or will be just kind of a way for me to dump all my shit n as a kinda journal ig

ENTRY ONE: june 19 2023, 2:07 a.m.

I dont think there's much to say tbh, i've been stressed as fuck for the past week,
all because of school n life overrall, the good thing is that i'll go on summer break/vacation in 2 weeks,
i dont have any plans or anything so i guess i'll just stay in my house bored and thinking about how i'm wasting my teenage years.
Now to continue with my rambling n ranting abt my life i just hate how every time i sh i think that i wont do it again but as the dumbass that i am i end up relapsing
tbh i dont know why i keep on doing it,
i think its due to anxiety or something like that, once i finish exams and such i'll see if its that or not.

Also i found this big ahh teddy bear wich is also old af (it once belonged to my grandma who then gifted it to my mom n then she gifted it to me)
because hes so old he's missing some stuffing and has a couple of hole but nothing to bad,
i'll probably try to fix him this next days,
also i gotta find a good name for him.
well bye ya'll!!!!!

ENTRY TWO: july 12 2023

SOOOOOO its been a month or so since i last updated this blog but like not much has happened tbh,
im finaly on summer break n bored as fuck,
i finally fied the teddy bear i found, i reestuffed it, i fixed a couple of holes he had n put a brand new nose since the one he had was preety much gone,
also im almost finished with a song ive been working on for a couple of weeks now, tbh i cant wait to finish it cuz like i spen SOOOO much time on it(only a few weeks but anyway)
Yesterday i went to these park kinda close to my house n i met this rly nice guy that was also there, i ended up talking to him for a lil abt plants n stuff
he was looking for sprouts or seeds he could take home n already had one
we ended up talking abt a cinamon tree n tried to get some of its crust to smell n shii
As i really dont know whart else to put on these second entry i'll put a few songs that ive been listening a lot for the past few days/weeks

That's preety much it for this update i guess, idk how often i'll update this might be once or twice a month or when i feel/remember to do so,
sooooo thats alll gnight ya'llllll;3